everyday strategist™



As the everyday strategist™ I focus on strategy and implementation, creative problem solving, ideation, research and analysis. My services and products include:

(i)    Consulting 

Research, analysis, strategy and implementation, and working regularly with partners on a consultancy basis on their projects.

(ii)   The everyday strategist™ range of innovative services and products

Including strategy development and coaching for start-ups, professional firms and individuals. My mission as the everyday strategist™ is to develop products and services that utilise strategic thinking, tools and methodologies to get things done - faster, more efficiently and effectively whether in everyday life, career or in business ventures. 

(iii)   Specialisation in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

With my entrepreneurial experience, multi-disciplinary background and my current Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship I am focusing on developing a specialisation in: the development of high-potential commercial opportunities and innovation; creation of start-up products/services; business models; and venture capital and related start-up funding. I hope to also mentor in these areas of specialisation.