everyday strategist™


I am the everyday strategist™

The everyday strategist™ is not only my business, but it is also my brand and what I love doing every day. It allows me to discover the world, investigate, research, analyse and make connections between interesting facts, people and patterns. 

I am a fascinated with how the world works and how technology, innovation, business and society intersect and are influenced by each other. I am a well travelled, multi-disciplinarian with a keen eye for detail and am able to ‘spatially’ analyse and work any angle on an issue - being a lawyer helped hone this skill! I love connecting and networking.

My everyday strategist™ journey 

Before becoming an entrepreneur and finding my calling as the everyday strategist™ I started out as a lawyer. I clerked at the Constitutional Court of South Africa, before qualifying as an attorney and going on to work at one of the top South African commercial law firms, and then at a prominent public interest law centre and NGO. More recently I worked as a management consultant in the Digital Advisory Services (DAS) team of a prominent global IT company where I focused on digital strategy and in particular customer experience. I was the customer competency lead and as part of the competency team (of two) designed and developed the framework and processes for this new competency. And put in place the customer experience practice to deliver projects that focused on: (i) uncovering the value propositions that customers desire; (ii) fostering an outside-in approach to understanding the customer; (iii) designing customer experience journey maps (as-is and to-be states respectively) to identify the opportunities and gaps; and (iv) establish relevant customer experience standards with the best practice contextualisation for clients.

I was privileged to have worked at such distinguished institutions and in such diverse and interesting organisational environments for close to 17 years, and as a result I developed a multi-disciplinary skill set. But I wanted my own (ad)venture that would allow me to arrange complex and new issues into something that makes sense, allow me to work with, understand and improve systems, processes and strategies – where I could employ a mix of rational, analytical, creative and innovative thinking to come up with solutions and work with visual strategic tools as much as possible. After a few years of trying different ventures the everyday strategist™ was born.

A multi-disciplinarian with a creative mind

I have a multi-disciplinary skill set, including legal and policy analysis, business analysis, project and knowledge management, augmented by my experience in business working in the legal, NPO and business environments. My academic pursuits include an LLB, an MPhil in Economic Policy, and a second Masters degree in International Law (LLM).

I am able to combine an understanding of the legal, policy and socio-economic landscape with areas I am particularly interested in new developments in technology and innovation and relating those to society, business models, entrepreneurship and everyday life. I have facilitated, participated in, and contributed to policy formulation in both national and international policy forums on health and human rights, including as a member and chair of the WHO Stop TB Task Force on TB and Human Rights.

The everyday strategist™ mission

My work mission as the everyday strategist™ is to develop products and services that utilise strategic thinking, tools and methodologies to get things done - faster, more efficiently and effectively whether in everyday life, career or in business ventures.

My service offering includes:

  1. The signature everyday strategist™ range of innovative services: I am currently offering career strategy and brainstorming consultation sessions and training for individuals, students and firms.
  2. Partnering with management consultants and strategists on their projects.
  3. Partnering with developers of methodologies, whether through the use of the methodologies in my own work or conducting training on the methodologies.

I look forward to working or connecting with you.