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Welcome to the everyday strategist™ and my blog

AM WlodarskiComment

The everyday strategist™ is not only my new business but also my brand and what I love doing every day, I am on a mission to help people use strategic thinking, tools and methodologies to get things done faster, more efficiently and effectively - strategies for everyday to achieve your career, business or personal goals.

I will be curating interesting articles, book reviews, case studies and interviews all dealing with strategy (both the lite and the heavy stuff) that can be used for everyday. If you want to hear more about everyday strategies follow me on Twitter (@evdaystrategist), like my Facebook page (@everydaystrategisttm) or follow my blog. I would love your feedback, involvement and support to grow the everyday strategist community.

I also provide strategic career consulting services to individuals, for further information e-mail me on info@everydaystrategist.com to get a more detailed brochure about all the services I offer.